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"Dye, Pigment & Paper" is the blog of Nancie Waterman, editor of Vamp Stamp News (VSN). The blog's focus is on using inks and paint on paper (mostly.) Please do come and hang out with me!

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(Note: Practically speaking, subscribing to VSN's blog is still the best way to know when a new eArticle or blog post is available.)


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VSN's Announcement-only email list is a very, very low volume group for announcements from Nancie, VSN's editor. Typical announcements include a heads up that an eArticle has been posted and occassionally an email listing recent blog posts.

This email list is hosted on Yahoogroups which means you will need to get a (free) Yahoo account to subscribe to this list.


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VSN is not currently selling anything, so the above methods are the best ways of keeping up with future offerings and developments. BUT, if you need to contact Nancie privately, you can use the contact form on the blog.