General Questions About VSN

Is Vamp Stamp News still publishing?

VSN's magazine ran from the Jul/Aug '93 issue through the Jun '12 issue. There were 226 print issues in total. Then from mid-2012 through the end of 2013, VSN published free monthly eArticles here on the website, each covering a stamping related topic in great depth. There were 19 of these full length free eArticles, a couple of additional full length eArticles for sale, as well as 6 free shorter eArticles, mostly on stamping basics topics. All of the 25 free eArticles are still available on the eArticle Library page.

VSN in all its incarnations is the stamping child of Nancie Waterman. You will find more stamping related posts on my "Dye, Pigment & Paper" blog. I have also had a few articles published in Rubberstampmadness print magazine over the past few years (Summer 2013, Spring 2014 and Summer 2015.)

Can I purchase VSN print issues?

VSN's issues are now out of print, VSN's Online Shopping Cart was discontinued on 12/31/13 and VSN is no longer accepting orders. There is still lots of great free stuff on the website though!

How do I make sure that I know when something new happens at VSN?

When a new eArticle is posted on VSN's website, I post an announcement on VSN's blog page and VSN's Announcement-Only Yahoo List. The best way to stay in the loop is either to subscribe to VSN's blog or join VSN's Yahoo List.

Who makes the stamp image on page 10 of such-and-such print back issue?

In the oldest issues, stamp credits are listed near the end of the issue – usually on the inside back cover. In more recent issues, the stamp credits are either next to the image/artwork or in the art's description (on the back of each color page.) Occasionally a contributor sent artwork without stamp credits and they were listed as *Unknown. If the credit was obtained, it was printed as an update in a later issue.

I’m looking for stamp company xyz. Can you provide an address?

Check VSN’s web site list to see if the company is listed there, and/or try using one of the search engines (like Google) to search for the company. Then you can get the current contact information straight from the company.

I remember an article in VSN on Shaving Cream Backgrounds but can’t remember which issue . . .

Easy! Go to the Issue Index page and use your web browser’s FIND function to search that page for “Shaving”. You can do this for many subjects. It makes a quick and dirty index to all of VSN’s issues going back to 1993!

In many browsers, pressing Ctrl-F/Cmd-F opens up a search box where you can enter the word you are looking for on that page. If you are unsure of how to do this using your browser software, try checking your browser’s HELP and look for information on how to find text on a page.